Fashion and Retail

“The retail world needs attorneys who understand the sector.”

In the Fashion & Retail world clients need attorneys with experience in the impact of trends in this branch, the short seasons and continuously changing product cycles. Selective and other specific distribution strategies play an important role and the termination of relationships is sometimes inevitable in this context. We have experience and a clear view on these issues. We furthermore assist in transport, storage and import and export problems, product safety and product recalls. In the fashion and retail world there is a continuous stress caused by counterfeit goods and unfair competition. A strong trademark portfolio is of crucial importance in this respect. We assist various fashion and retail businesses, including multinationals and Dutch companies in the construction and guarding of their trademarks. We give advice on the power or risks of a new trademark and on the chances in the event of a potential conflict. We regularly represent clients in actions against infringing parties, amongst other things in preliminary relief proceedings, in order to obtain quick and effective relief.

The Fashion & Retail team of Kennedy Van der Laan guarantees sound knowledge of these specific problems.

The team is active in the consumer goods sector in the following areas:

  • Distribution channels
  • Franchising
  • Agency
  • Distribution
  • Brand protection
  • Brand strategy
  • Advertising
  • Sales contracts
  • Manufacturing and sourcing
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Product safety and labelling
  • Customs

Intensive Collaborations

We collaborate intensively with the Corporate team, the Building and Property Development team and our specialists in the field of employment-law consequences of outsourcing. Our clients include retailers of, inter alia, sportswear, software, food products, drinks, mobile phones and telephony services, computer games and computer hardware.

Legal 500 EMEA 2015 – Intellectual Property -Tier 3

Within Intellectual property, Kennedy Van der Laan is a third tier firm, Kennedy Van der Laan’s ‘very professional’ team has extensive experience in the fashion and technology sectors. Department head Alfred Meijboom, represented Nike in proceedings before the Amsterdam Appellate Court.

Testimonial Pandora

“Soo-ja assisted us in acquisition and reorganization processes and provided intensive guidance from the moment of strategy planning up to and including the implementation. She also advised on various other employment law issues and litigated on our behalf in dismissal proceedings. Soo-ja is very service and client-oriented. She engages proactively and I value her pragmatic attitude and clear and concise advice.”

Niels Moller, President Central-Western Europe, Pandora A/S

Chambers 2015: Kennedy Van der Laan number 1 in IT and Media

Chambers and Partners has published its rankings for 2015. On the basis of annual extensive research on the market and among clients, Chambers and...

30 april 2015 

Kennedy Van der Laan Is Nominated for "Netherlands Law Firm of the Year Award 2015"

The reputable “Chambers Guides” has announced its nominations for the “Chambers Europe Law Firm of the Year Awards 2015″ and Kennedy Van der...

11 march 2015 

Delivery of Digital Content: the Same as Consumer Sale of Goods?

How the implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive 2011 in the Netherlands is likely to result in legal uncertainties concerning the delivery of...

12 march 2014 

Social Agreement: Dismissal Rules Changed Again?

After the formation of the Coalition Agreement, we published the newsletter article ‘Dismissal Law Turned Topsy-Turvy; What Should You Know?’...

13 may 2013 

More Possibilities for Division of Powers of Shareholders

An interesting change that will perhaps be overlooked at first is the possibility to divide voting rights of shareholders. Such a division is...

23 april 2013 

BOIP Refuses to Register ‘Allah’ as a Trademark

Introduction The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) has refused (in dutch) to register the Allah sign illustrated as a device mark in...

11 january 2013 

European Court of Justice Rules on Advertising for Prescription Drugs

Information on Prescription Drugs The (German branch of) pharmaceutical company MSD Sharp & Dohme GmbH (“MSD”) had posted information on its...

30 june 2011 

Trip to New York, now from……….

A discussion of the judgment of the European Court of Justice dated 12 May 2011 regarding Konsumentombudsman/Ving The European Court of Justice...

30 june 2011 

Legal Review Plesner / Louis Vuitton judgment: Artistic Freedom vs Intellectual Property Rights

It have been exciting weeks for Danish artist Nadia Plesner. Louis Vuitton sued her over the use of a look-a-like Louis Vuitton bag in her artworks....

27 may 2011 

Bill to Implement the Consumer Credit Directive Adopted

Is a permit required for a payment schedule? In the Newsletter of January we already reported about the consequences of the implementation of the...

27 may 2011 

Clarification of jurisdiction rules regarding service offered to consumers via the internet

Under European rules on jurisdiction, proceedings against consumers have to be brought before the courts of the member state where the consumer is...

27 january 2011 

Consumer Credit Directive Implemented in the Netherlands: Important consequences for Suppliers of Consumer Credit

Purpose of the Directive The Consumer Credit Directive was published on 23 April 2008 and serves two important purposes. Firstly, the Directive was...

27 january 2011 

No Monopoly for Calvin Klein on Letters CK

Opposition Against CK CREACIONES KENNYA Calvin Klein is one of the best-known producers of luxury clothing and fashion accessories. It owns various...

28 october 2010 

New Rules for Tacit Extension and Termination of Consumer Contracts

In an earlier edition of this Newsletter, Christoph Jeloschek wrote about the bill for tacit extension and termination of consumer contracts (no....

28 october 2010 

Trademark Right Is Not Exhausted With Regard to Products For Demonstrations That Are Not For Sale

Court of Justice of the EU 3 June 2010, case C 127/09 (Coty Prestige / Simex Trading) In the newsletter of February 2009 we have discussed a...

25 june 2010 

New Rules for Tacit Extension and Termination of Subscriptions and Other (Consumer) Contracts

Background to the New Rules According to the Explanatory Memorandum, the purpose of this bill is to bring an end to "the constant and socially very...

26 january 2010 

ECJ denies relevance of ‘acquired attractiveness’

The ECJ rejects the suggestion of the Dutch Supreme Court that a shape which gives substantial value to the product (in this case, a specific...

01 february 2008 

Workshop E-commerce: The New Regime 2014

Because of the large interest in the first workshop on 23 October 2013, this workshop will be repeated twice: on 26 November 2013 and 16 January...

16 january 2014 
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Martine de Koning

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