“Dealing with dynamic energy markets in a creative and knowledgeable way. ”

What adaptations do the continuous changes on the energy market require of you? How do you deal with the interplay of forces between deregulation, regulation and the supervisory authorities? The Energy Team of Kennedy Van der Laan considers it a challenge to help you find pragmatic legal solutions to your problems.

Well-established businesses in the energy sector

We work for various well-established businesses, but also for national and international newcomers on the Dutch energy markets. This work has given us the solid expertise that we can help you with. We advise on the legal aspects of the various Dutch energy markets, especially in mergers and acquisitions within the energy sector. We help draft commercial contracts for the supply of electricity, gas and coal. On behalf of clients we can also negotiate with supervisory authorities.

The Energy Team of Kennedy Van der Laan is able to find creative solutions, but is most of all knowledgeable. The Team has specialist knowledge on governmental supervision, competition, planning, mergers and acquisitions, financing and conflict resolution within your sector.

Chambers 2015: Kennedy Van der Laan number 1 in IT and Media

Chambers and Partners has published its rankings for 2015. On the basis of annual extensive research on the market and among clients, Chambers and...

30 april 2015 

Kennedy Van der Laan Is Nominated for "Netherlands Law Firm of the Year Award 2015"

The reputable “Chambers Guides” has announced its nominations for the “Chambers Europe Law Firm of the Year Awards 2015″ and Kennedy Van der...

11 march 2015 

Kennedy Van der Laan contributes to the The Energy Regulation and Markets Review

Louis Bouchez and Maurits Bos, both corporate attorneys with vast experience in the (renewable) energy sector, contributed to the recently published...

24 july 2014 

More Possibilities for Division of Powers of Shareholders

An interesting change that will perhaps be overlooked at first is the possibility to divide voting rights of shareholders. Such a division is...

23 april 2013 

New European proposal supposed to improve Cybersecurity

On 7 February, the European Commission announced a proposal for a new Directive concerning network and information security. Among other measures,...

15 february 2013 

Energy and utilities in the Netherlands

The Netherlands energy market is in turmoil. Regulations seem to lack clarity and direction, and often work at cross purposes. Domestic players...

01 november 2007 

Recent developments in the Netherlands energy market

On 21 November 2006 the Unbunding Act, changing the Electricity Act 1998 and the Gas Act, was adopted in the Senate. The Second Chamber had voted in...

01 january 2007 
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Louis Bouchez

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