Spatial Planning and the Environment

“Finding your way through the jungle of regulations”

Space is scarce in the Netherlands and must be put to good use. When developing a plan, the parties will therefore soon be confronted with many rules, which are moreover subject to frequent change. Examples are the Spatial Planning Act, the General Provisions of Environmental Law Act, the Crisis and Recovery Act and the General Administrative Law Act. It is simply not possible to realize projects without a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of environmental and administrative law.

Advice and litigation

Our specialists of the Spatial Planning and the Environment team advise construction companies and real estate developers, housing corporations, governments, institutions and private individuals about zoning plans, environmental permits and enforcement. Where necessary, we will enter into legal combat through proceedings. Our specialists also assist companies with environmental law topics, ranging from permits to enforcement issues.

Liesbeth Berkouwer

Liesbeth Berkouwer

Associate Partner, Attorney

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