Policy Conditions and Policy Disputes

In our insurance-law practice we combine our special expertise of more than 25 years with the drafting of insurance policies and advice on (international) policy disputes that really matter.

The drafting of a good policy is like building a house: no matter how beautiful the exterior and the interior will be, the construction must always be good, which requires quite a lot of work. Knowledge of Dutch insurance law, but also knowledge of the market is essential. The ‘construction’ of each individual policy also requires knowledge of the specific area of activity for which the policy is intended. After all, a general Corporate Liability Insurance policy, Professional Liability policy or Directors’ and Officers’ liability policy is very different from a policy in a specific area such as design & construct, cyber crime, fraud or covering risks in the event of large acquisitions (by means of so-called Warranty and Indemnity policies). We are experienced in all these areas and do not hesitate to assess the policy conditions – if required – with the specialist and practical knowledge of other groups such as ICT, corporate law and real property.

Traditional Litigation Experience and Easily-Accessible Approach

Through our long tradition of drafting policy conditions and our thorough knowledge of the insurance sector, we are able to offer extra additional value to insurers, brokers and authorized underwriting agents.

Standing at the origin of insurance policies, our group also creates powers to interpret disputes on coverage and to bring them to a solution. Often we manage to achieve this out of court and with a view to the interests of the parties involved, but, if required, we fall back on our powerful litigation practice. We always use our easily-accessible and no-nonsense approach, which ensures practical and high-quality guidance and advice.

Chambers Europe 2015 – Insurance – Band 2

What the team is known for Prominent team that represents a raft of leading Dutch and multinational insurers. Notable areas of focus include professional liability, product liability, coverage disputes and personal injury claims.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)

“The team is trustworthy, experienced, ethical and easy to approach.” 

“The lawyers have a hands-on and practical approach and a no-nonsense mentality.”

Notable practitioners

Chris Van Dijk‘s areas of focus include employer’s liability, professional liability and product liability. Clients value his advice, describing him as a “diligent and experienced” lawyer.

According to clients, Frits Van der Woude is “a lawyer we can lean on. He is a leading specialist in professional indemnity and is very approachable.” Van der Woude advises on coverage disputes, D&O liability, professional indemnity and policy drafting.

Erik van Orsouw has broad knowledge of this field. He handles product liability, professional indemnity and international coverage disputes.

Significant clients AIG, Amlin, APN, CNA, Zurich.

Legal 500 EMEA 2015 – Insurance – Tier 2

Within Insurance, Kennedy Van der Laan is a second tier firm, Kennedy Van der Laan focuses on the insurer market and routinely works for AIG, Zurich, Liberty, Delta Lloyd and AON. Department head Chris Van Dijk and Peter Van den Broek are recommended.

Chambers Europe 2014 – Insurance – Band 2

What the team is known for Particularly visible in product recalls and large-scale technical damage claims, and increasingly active in the D&O and professional liability arena.

Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients) “The content of the work is excellent, and the team is very client-friendly and approachable. They are to-the-point, direct, modern lawyers. This is a firm-wide thing. It makes them very easy to work with.”

Notable practitioners Frits Van der Woude has an established reputation in the area of D&O and professional liability. Clients are “absolutely happy” with his service and knowledge of traditional commercial liability.

Erik van Orsouw focuses on coverage disputes and technical damages. He is valued for his solution-seeking approach as well as his project management skills, with one client commenting: “He understands our needs very well and assigns the right people to our cases.”

Chris Van Dijk heads the firm’s insurance department. He specialises in professional liability and large material damages cases.

Significant clients Zurich, Hiscox, Delta Lloyd, Chartis, Aon.

Legal 500 EMEA 2014 – Insurance – Tier 2

Kennedy Van der Laan’s team is ‘very practical, with commercial feeling’ and has been increasingly handling D&O and professional indemnity matters. Chris Van Dijk is a personal injury specialist, while Frits Van der Woude focuses on D&O and professional liability cases. Erik van Orsouw and Peter van den Broek advise on technical damages cases.

Employer's Liability for Traffic Accidents

A discussion of Supreme Court 12 December 2008, LJN: BD3129 Employer's Liability for Traffic Accidents Pursuant to Dutch Law Pursuant to Section...

30 january 2009 
Chris van Dijk

Chris van Dijk

Attorney, Mediator, Partner

  • Chris van Dijk http://kvdl.nl/en/our-people/chris-van-dijk/ Attorney, Mediator, Partner +31 20 5506 661 chris.van.dijk@kvdl.nl http://nl.linkedin.com/pub/chris-van-dijk/9/b06/b57
  • Frits van der Woude http://kvdl.nl/en/our-people/frits-van-der-woude/ Attorney, Mediator, Partner +31 20 5506 879 frits.van.der.woude@kvdl.nl nl.linkedin.com/pub/frits-van-der-woude/1a/542/195
  • Erik van Orsouw http://kvdl.nl/en/our-people/erik-van-orsouw/ Attorney, Partner +31 20 5506 878 erik.van.orsouw@kvdl.nl http://nl.linkedin.com/pub/erik-van-orsouw/2a/883/7b7
  • Peter van den Broek http://kvdl.nl/en/our-people/peter-van-den-broek/ Attorney, Partner +31 20 5506 669 peter.van.den.broek@kvdl.nl http://www.linkedin.com/pub/peter-van-den-broek/6/84/259