Objections and Appeals

“Administrative procedural law: a trade of its own.”

Permits, exemptions, penalties, zoning plans, decisions under the Government Information Public Access Act, or the dismissal of a civil servant; all these are examples of decisions taken by administrative authorities. This means that administrative legal proceedings are open: objection, appeal to the Court and appeal to the Council of State.

Sometimes the decision is preceded by a preparatory procedure with the opportunity of submitting an opinion. Once a decision has been taken, in urgent cases the Court may be requested to suspend the decision.

The General Administrative Law Act

Thorough knowledge of the Dutch General Administrative Law Act is essential to litigate in administrative-law matters. The Administrative Law team has many years of experience in administrative procedural law and knows the General Administrative Law Act inside out. Our specialists keep close track of the legislative developments and case law. They regularly give lectures on the General Administrative Law Act.

Broad Services

The administrative law attorneys of KVdL are active in many different fields, such as spatial planning and the environment, subsidies, privacy, health care and media. They may represent both the litigating party and the defending administrative authorities. These parties may be construction companies, various public authorities, housing corporations, institutions, broadcasting organisations and private individuals. Our attorneys advise you about the chances of winning or losing the proceedings and the use of going to court. Wherever they can, they will try to achieve an amicable settlement. Naturally, the best result for the client will always be decisive.

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14 may 2013 
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