“A pioneer in the field of E-commerce.”

Kennedy Van der Laan is a pioneer in the field of E-commerce, and the Internet. Over the years, the E-commerce team has creatively applied existing legal rules to the on-line world many a time.

International E-commerce

The E-commerce team assists you in complying with the growing number of laws and rules in the field of internet and E-commerce, both in the Netherlands and the European Union. Kennedy Van der Laan has long-term relations with foreign IT lawyers, who strengthen the e-commerce team.

Collaboration with Technology Team

The Technology team supports the E-commerce team with regard to information technology. In cases concerning the protection of personal data, the Privacy team is called in as well. Thus, you will receive customized advice from various areas of expertise.

Delivery of Digital Content: the Same as Consumer Sale of Goods?

How the implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive 2011 in the Netherlands is likely to result in legal uncertainties concerning the delivery of...

12 march 2014 

XS Networks and liability for copyright infringement

XS Networks and liability for copyright infringement District Court The Hague 24 October 2012 (Brein/XS Networks) The Court of The Hague confirmed...

11 march 2013 

Software Patents in Real Life: the Right to an Electronic Program Guide

Court of The Hague of 19 December 2012, case number 412028 Despite the fact that the Register of European Patents is full of patents for...

11 january 2013 

4 Tips for Facebook Promotions

Facebook can count on more and more attention of businesses, inter alia for the promotion of products and services. One way of doing this is by...

30 september 2011 

Webshop Owners and the Right of Withdrawal under the new Consumer Rights Directive

Harmonization in Europe The European Commission has proposed the new Directive on Consumer Rights (the ‘New Directive’) in order to thus...

26 july 2011 

Cozzmoss: Damages for Publication of an Article on a Website

Cozzmoss is fighting internet infringements on behalf of a great number of Dutch publishers. Whoever posts an article on his website without the...

30 june 2011 

Provision of Name and Address Details by an ISP

Judgment of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, 14 December 2010 (123Video – Ziggo) 23Video operates a website with User Generated Content, on which...

27 january 2011 

Clarification of jurisdiction rules regarding service offered to consumers via the internet

Under European rules on jurisdiction, proceedings against consumers have to be brought before the courts of the member state where the consumer is...

27 january 2011 

No Database? Protection of Documents as a Safety Net

Court of Utrecht 28 July 2010, LJN:BN 2268 (in Dutch), Ryanair Limited/PR Aviation B.V. On its websites wegolo.com and wegolo.nl PR Aviation...

30 august 2010 

No Consent, No Cookie: New Rules for Online Advertising

On 22 June the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (the "Working Party"), the consultative body of the European privacy protection authorities,...

16 july 2010 

Lower House Adopts Bill Limiting Resale of Concert Tickets

On 6 April 2010 the Dutch Lower House of Parliament adopted a bill curbing the resale of tickets to concerts and sports events, among other things,...

29 april 2010 

Workshop E-commerce: The New Regime 2014

Because of the large interest in the first workshop on 23 October 2013, this workshop will be repeated twice: on 26 November 2013 and 16 January...

16 january 2014 

Seminar Cloud Computing & Adwords

On Tuesday 15 May 2012 the law firm Kennedy Van der Laan organized the seminar Cloud Computing & Adwords in Westerunie in Amsterdam. Some of the...

18 december 2012 
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