Jan Broekhuizen Financial Regulatory Partner at Kennedy Van der Laan

The financial regulatory expert will be a member of the Banking & Finance and Insurance & Liability teams. Meer

The Dutch Work and Security Act: what you as a founder of a startup should know

The Dutch Work and Security Act: what you as a founder of a startup should know. Meer

Chambers 2015: Kennedy Van der Laan number 1 in IT and Media

IT en Media Teams keep number 1 position in Chambers ranking. Kennedy Van der Laan also ranked for new practice area Healthcare. Meer

Work and Security Act: Sequence System Amended

As of 1 July 2015 the sequence system for successive fixed-term employment contracts will change. The number of successive fixed-term contracts has been limited by the legislator. Meer

Calculation Transition Payment and Compensation Notification Period

As of 1 July 2015 the law provides for a severance pay in the case of a dismissal at the initiative of the employer, which is called the transition payment. What Is “a Monthly Salary”? Meer

The Legal 500 rankings 2015

The Legal 500 has published its rankings for 2015. On the basis of annual extensive research on the market and among clients, The Legal 500 compiles a list of lawyers' teams per area of law. Kennedy Van der Laan proudly presents the results it has achieved. In ‘Information technology’, Meer

Update Executives' Pay Standards Act (WNT2)

On 22 December 2014, the Senate adopted the Decrease of Remuneration Maximum Executives' Pay Standards Act. Meer

Remuneration of Senior Officials: Transitional Law Too Easily Forgotten

In the past year politicians and trade unions have often fumed about the high remunerations of directors of, inter alia, housing corporations and health care institutions. Meer

Company financing: alternative funding for private companies

The five main topics were: non-bank banking and shadow or direct lending; crowdfunding, crowdlending and peer-to-peer (P2P) models; business angels, venture capital and private equity; debt capital markets and private offerings; and novel instruments such as royalty-based financing. Meer

KVdL Art: Spring Exhibition of Heddy-John Appeldoorn

A new exhibition of oil paintings by Heddy-John Appeldoorn has been set up in the entrance hall of Kennedy Van der Laan. Meer