Legal aspects e-mandates

As a result of the fast growing e-commerce business unable to manage paper based mandates, there is an increasing demand for efficient and reliable e-mandates solutions for SDDs. Meer

Cybersecurity 2015: an overview of the legal aspects in the Netherlands

Various legal topics are addressed, including the existing and future notification obligations in the case of data leaks and security breaches, cybercrime and security standards. Meer

Kennedy Van der Laan assists Zencap with the launch of its digital credit marketplace in the Netherlands

"Without the professional legal support of the Kennedy Van der Laan team we would not have been able to launch in the Netherlands as rapidly as we have done." Meer

The New EEX Regulation: Improved Recognition and Enforcement Law in International Matters

Be aware international litigation and contracting practice! Since 10 January 2015 the new EEX Regulation, the Brussels Ibis Regulation (Regulation (EC) 1215/2012) applies with important chances for daily practice like simplification of international execution of judgments within the EU and strengthening of the legal position of the choice of forum clause within the EU. Meer

New Black List as Prevention Tool Against Criminal Health Care Providers

With the aid of the Register health care and welfare organizations can perform an integrity screening when employing new employees. Meer

Dismissal Becomes Harder for Payroll Firms

Today it is still easy for a payroll firm to terminate an employment agreement, but this will change as of 1 January. Meer

As of January 2015 Fenna van Dijk partner Healthcare Team Kennedy Van der Laan

Fenna practices law in the corporate law group as a specialist in corporate governance, and also focuses on assisting clients in mergers and acquisitions as well as in partnerships and joint ventures. In addition, she heads the Healthcare Team. Meer

Better Security: Quicker Liability

Cybercrime and cybersecurity: the better the possibilities to secure, the bigger the chance that the victim will be liable for damage as a consequence of failing security. Meer

Power of Health Care Insurers Increases: NZa Is Going to Supervise More Strictly

This increased supervision was inspired by the increased power of health care insurers. The NZa is going to take a close look at the competition among health care providers and put the consequences of the buying power of health care insurers to a detailed test. Meer

New Dutch data retention regime proposed: data must stay within the EU

More than seven months after the European Court of Justice declared the European Data Retention Directive invalid, the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice proposed a bill to maintain the data retention requirements in the Netherlands. In response to the European Court’s judgment, this legislative proposal introduces several additional requirements for law enforcement agencies to gain access to the retained telecommunications data and requires providers to retain the data within the EU, but the old regime will largely remain intact. For providers, the only real change is the requirement to keep the data it is required to retain within the Netherlands or another EU Member State. Meer