Kennedy Van der Laan displays art in a professional way, like in an art hall or a museum,” says artist Krijn de Koning. “They have asked me to make a three-dimensional work, like I do in other spaces – and that is how I have gone about it.” Krijn de Koning made a speech at the festive opening of the entrance designed by him of the office of Kennedy Van der Laan at Haarlemmerweg in Amsterdam. “When you are still outside the office, this work already makes you feel that there is something happening inside, and it leads you to the reception desk naturally. Everything is interconnected.” Modern art as a connecting factor. For now, the work of Krijn de Koning is the climax in a tradition Kennedy Van der Laan has been cherishing since its foundation.

Colourful Minds
‘Colourful Minds’ is an exhibition of artwork from the business collections of ABN AMRO, ING Collectie Nederland and Kennedy Van der Laan

More Than an Art Collection

The artist Erik Mattijssen, regular advisor of the Art Committee of Kennedy Van der Laan, says the following about the art collection: “At Kennedy Van der Laan works of art represent an autonomous value. My predecessor Dineke Blom and designer Kees Ruyter started the art collection in 1992. They invited artists to make drawings for the firm’s information brochures. Work on paper of Dutch artists forms the heart of the firm’s private art collection. It is never about status or spectacle. In the past few years, the exhibitions in the hall of the firm have been the centre of attention. They give us the opportunity to show works and installations that are too big, too controversial or too expensive to buy. This way a new surprise is presented in the hall every two months, and artists are interested in exhibiting their works in a brave and hip law firm.”

Casper Schouten, Managing Partner of Kennedy Van der Laan, responds: “These are very nice words – perhaps a little too flattering for us. For if we are hip and fun, we also have the artists to thank for it. They take us out of our routine, broaden our horizon, and cause lively discussions within the firm. It has been like this ever since we started our business. Art is still helping us to realize our dream: to be a socially responsible and innovative firm while providing top quality services.’