About Kennedy Van der Laan

In 1992 eleven young, up-and-coming attorneys founded the law firm Kennedy Van der Laan. We wanted to conquer as well as improve the world as top-level attorneys, but without losing sight of the human standard. Our cooperation was to be pragmatic, innovative and informal in a socially responsible way, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Twenty-two years onwards, our firm has prospered. With 100 attorneys and civil-law notaries, Kennedy Van der Laan is now in the top 20 of independent law firms in the Netherlands. Our crowning glory is a 93% client satisfaction. This means we still have seven percent to go.

To what do we owe all this? To a fair share of wisdom, and probably a bit of luck too. The unique ingredient we add to these is our firm belief in the key values from which we once started:

Top Quality

We deliver top quality. This begins with a rock-solid knowledge of the law. But a good attorney also has a sense of entrepreneurship, and is able to empathize with his client and the environment in which the client operates. This combination leads to clear and practical advice and to an energetic approach when it comes to litigation.


Innovative working requires vision that reaches beyond our legal comfort zone. Together with our clients, we explore new ways of cooperation, sharing knowledge and pricing.


We look for the shortest way to a solution by not making things more complicated than they really are. We speak the language of our clients and are realistic about the chances of success.

Socially Responsible

Social responsibility has been on our list of key values since our very first day. We run our business with an eye for sustainability, for our direct environment, and for issues in society. But we also feel responsible for our staff and clients, because we find it important and because if makes our life more enjoyable. At the Socially Engaged page you can read how Kennedy Van der Laan puts its corporate social responsibility into practice.